Up-cycled and Ready made beds

These beds are mostly up-cycled and also includes some beds ready for shipping.

The up-cycled ones are unique creations made to my usual high standards from un wanted items ready for re-homing.

Stunning toy dog/ cat bed lovingly up-cycled from a guitar amplifier. Washable padded oriental style heavy satin with memory foam mattress.

Measurements: Outer  38x36x20cn high  inner  35x33x15 cm high.   £110

Large dog bed up-cycled from a coffee table. Painted green with gold wax around the edges. Queen Anne legs, 2 inch memory foam mattress first covered in water resistant fabric then gold and green patchwork cover. Proper patchwork, patches sewn together, a layer of wadding then backing fabric then top stiching over patches. The mattress is attatched with velcro to avoid skidding off . £200

Fabulous four poster for toy/small dog or cat bed, maybe room for 2 to curl up together. Pink floral/cream washable top frill and pink 'rosebud' faux fuf mattress cover. The usual 2 inch menory foam mattress first covered with water resistant fabric. All joints filled and sanded snd drill holes finishrd with dowell. Measurements; 53x42x64cm high. £280, ready for posting.

Pink 'bunk bed' for 2 toy dogs/ cats. Crafted from a dining chair with beautiful dear prints on feather pillows on top and bottom bunks. Pillows first covered in water resistant fabric. Measurements: Outer 45x45x64 high, bed area: 39x39x16 high. £160.

Beautiful stool with toy dog/ cat bed underneath. Crafted from a dining chair. Spray painted with undercoat, 3 coats of green and 2 coats of varnish for quality finish. Heavily embroidered butterfly on cream silk on the top and matching pillowcase on the feather pillow underneath. The pillow is first covered on water resistant fabric. The measurements are: 45x45x46cm high, the sleeping area is 39x39x16cm high. £140

Lovely stool with toy dog/cat bed underneath. crafted from a dining chair. Undercoated, 3 coats of cream  pain and 2 coats of varnish. Printed colourful tree pattern on the top and matching feather pillow cover underneath, pillow first covered in water resistant fabric. Measurements: Outer 45x45x46 high, sleeping area: 39x39x16cm high. £120

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