About Me

Welcome to the home of my lovely dog and cat beds.  

Dogs are my first love in life; I have worked with dogs for 25 years and currently live with my three Border Collies. I offer a home boarding service, so have a variety of doggy lodgers to keep me and my three busy and also work as excelent bed testers in all shapes and sizes.

For may years I have been a Dog Whisperer, and help people with their dog behaviour problems, I also have a love for DIY and creating beautiful things.  My work in making dog and cat beds is a wonderful combination of these two passions - resulting in beautiful furniture for you and great comfort for your furry friends.


It has always seemed a shame to me that people make their homes beautiful and then put up with an unattractive dog or cat bed in the room.

I strive to make quality products, I rely heavily on reviews myself when making purchases and I only want positive reviews. It would be highly inconvenient for me for people to be unhappy withtheir purchases. It's not like Amazon who would just get another one off the shelf, it would cost me postage back here, the time and money to do a repair or replacement and the postage back to the customer, I always have this in mind, if I ever wonder if something needs another coat of paint it does and if I ever wonder if something is good enough it isn't.

The painted beds have an undercoat, 2 or 3 coats of paint and 2 coats of varnish. The pine beds have all joints filled and thoroughly sanded and all drill holes are finished with dowel and can be stained to your choice of colour.


I put great love and pride into everything I do, and will never put a quick profit before quality.


All of my products are easy to keep clean, I want all of my customers to be happy and for their visitors to be envious when they see their pet's bed.


I hope you find what you like, if not we can create it together. I look forward to creating your pet's new favourite place!


Thank you, 


Mandy Sylvan.



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